NEXUS Cardano Stake Pool

Changing the world through research and decentralization

NEXUS is a secure and reliable Cardano stake pool, connecting delegators to research and development of next generation health technologies.


Leverage your investment and support the SENS Research Foundation

The SENS Research Foundation funds innovative research at universities across the world, at their own Research Center in Mountain View, CA, and through investments in early stage companies, aiming to develop therapies to address age related illnesses.
A total of 80% of all variable fees will be donated to the Foundation. You can also learn how to donate directly here. By delegating to NEXUS you ensure the best possible returns on your stake while at the same time supporting the SENS Research Foundation.

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Join us on social media

You can reach us on Twitter here and keep up to date, and join our Telegram group here if you have any questions or suggestions, or simply want to hangout with us.

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Stake pool delegation builds the Network

By delegating to our stake pool, you promote a healthy, decentralized network, while enabling you to earn rewards. Our pool ticker is NEXUS, and you can learn more about stake pool delegation by clicking below.

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Cardano Network

Designed with security and reliability in mind, and backed by years of experience.

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A firewalled VPS infrastructure and an air-gapped offline server enables a secure operation at all times. All instances are kept up-to-date, with security updates deployed regularly.

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Cloud deployment with high bandwith and low latency, coupled with a high availability architecture, provide the necessary performance and robustness to bring a reliable service.

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Low fees

Our streamlined infrastructure allows us to provide low fees without compromising on performance, aiming to provide delegators the best possible return while effortlessly supporting research and development.